Advantage RedCourt

The best alternative to clay

suczna-monczkaCombining the playing characteristics and appearance of clay with the benefits of an all-weather playing surface, Advantage RedCourt only has to be installed on a stable, free draining base. There is no requirement for watering of the surface, so the high cost of a sprinkler installation is avoided. Thanks to no water consumption, Advantage RedCourt can be defined as a sustainable tennis system.

The average 15 mm depth of red ceramic coated sand infill is stabilized by a 13 mm pile height polyethylene stability mat with integral white play lines (15 mm). As with traditional clay courts, play takes place on an unbound surface which allows players to develop and use slide in a controlled motion, allowing coverage of the whole court area with reduced effort and less stress on joints and ligaments.

With near year round playability Advantage RedCourt allows play and training to be conducted on an ideal tennis playing surface in comfort and with minimal downtime.

System design

splotThe Advantage RedCourt system uses a ceramic coated infill that totally fills the Advantage RedCourt turf, with a nominal 2 mm surcharge above the top of the mat to provide an unbound surface. The play lines are made of an exceptional double spine (U-shape) yarn. The combination of this shape and the polyethylene material results in strong, resilient, visible lines within the playing surface.

The top of the playing surface should be below the level of the perimeter edging to prevent wind lifting the edges of the mat and contain the infill at the perimeter.

Unbound base system Bound base system
– Infill: red ceramic sand
– Advantage RedCourt turf
– Lava base (100 mm)
– Sand sub base
– Subsoil
– Drainage
– Infill: red ceramic sand
– Advantage RedCourt turf
– Tarmac (65 mm)
– Stone base
(150-300 mm)
– Subsoil
– Perimeter drainage



suczna-monczka-2Artificial clay tennis court playing surface Advantage RedCourt is the ultimate alternative to the original clay courts. This surface provides a highly practical alternative to traditional clay courts, with similar appearance and play characteristics, but with the advantage of being available for year round play. And unlike traditional clay, there is no costly reconstruction each spring and no need for expensive irrigation.

Advantage RedCourts provide:

  • All weather availability for near year round usage
  • Play characteristics of traditional clay (including visible ball prints)
  • No reconstruction every spring
  • No sprinklers or watering
  • Always visible integral play lines
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor courts
  • Less maintenance required
  • More sustainable compared to traditional clay.
Technical specifications:
Yarn type: fibrylowany LSR ®
Pile weight: 1,170 gr / m²
Pile height: 13 mm
Total weight: 2,753 gr / m²
Stitches per m²: 73.500 (± 10%)
Ilość pęczków na m² 75600 (± 10%)
Filaments per m²: 147.000 (± 10%)
Dtex 5000 / 1 Dtex
Podłoże polipropylen , wzmocniony poliester
Colour: Red Clay
Line markings: White (15 mm U-shape monofilament)

Year round performance

Advantage RedCourt has the look, feel and play characteristics of the traditional clay courts. The medium surface pace for tennis and uniform low bounce, allows top spin, slice and positive “push off” with controlled slide and some resilience. Thanks to the higher shock-absorption compared to traditional clay
courts, the Advantage RedCourt system is a more muscle and joint-friendly surface.


The Advantage RedCourt System is a “maintenance friendly” system compared to traditional clay. However proper maintenance is still essential to obtain the full benefits of this playing surface and to extend the average lifetime of the product. Regular collection of debris and grooming after play with drag nets will
maintain a proper appearance of the playing surface for following players. Excess infill is swept off the play lines, as on a traditional clay court. The main requirement is weekly drag brushing to keep the infill mobile and evenly distributed. If neglected, the surface will become less even, compacted and slower draining, with greater risk of moss growth.

In addition to weekly sweeping, it is advisable to have the court professionally maintained on an annual basis. The specialists equipment will provide a deeper sweeping operation and if necessary some of the infill on the top of the Advantage RedCourt turf can be replaced at the same time. It will also be important to apply moss killer on surfaces that are susceptible or have evidence of moss growth. Correct maintenance also has a preventive character and extends the
lifetime of the system.

Please visit for the maintenance calendar and more maintenance